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AVASEC - Automate your secretarial practice!

AVASEC - Automate your secretarial practice!

AVASEC is an Industry leading digital Secretarial Practice Automation platform designed for PCS and supports them to transform the way they manage their Practice and Customer servicing.

Each Practicing Company Secretary (PCS) faces challenges on a day-to-day basis to keep track of compliances for each of its customers. Most of the activities are managed manually and it is extremely difficult to keep track of Service delivery status for each individual customer. This may lead to delays in customer servicing and heavy penalties.

The platform brings the power of Cloud & Analytics deeply integrated with India's best and most reliable Compliance database. With AVASEC, PCS can potentially increase efficiency of its team by over 40% and reduce penalties. The platform covers customer master details, compliance tracking, auto generation of compliance documents and managing customer invoicing, expenses and timesheets.

Secretarial Compliance

Meeting Specific  Compliance

Meeting Specific Compliance

Compliances related to meetings (notices, agenda, minutes, quorum, etc.)

Agenda Specific Compliance

Agenda Specific Compliance

Compliance related to various agendas selected for particular meetings (E-Forms)

Company Specific  Compliance

Company Specific Compliance

Periodic compliances based on company’s turnover, networth, paid-up share capital, borrowings, etc

Director Specific Compliance

Director Specific Compliance

Compliances related to various disclosures and KYC fillings

Current Challenges
for the Secretarial Firms

Highly manual process

PCS work in a paper-based and highly people dependent manner. Staff cost is directly proportional to customers i.e. to service newer customers, additional resources have to be hired. Additionally, manual activities may also lead to errors and delays

Data and document management

Master data and documents of multiple clients need to be stored, updated regularly and referred to on an on-going basis. On an average 30% of the time is wasted in document management and locating the required data at an appropriate time and more so for repetitive manual activities while creating compliance documents like minutes, registers and other documents

Knowledge managements

In a fluid regulatory environment keeping your whole team updated with the latest changes in the law, their interpretation, applicability to your clients, and related compliance activity is a huge challenge

Meeting the due dates for all the clients

Meeting the due dates for statutory and regulatory compliance for all the clients in a limited time frame is challenging

Customer Invoice Management

Keeping track of Invoices along with the expenses incurred for each individual customer manually is time consuming and opportunity cost is much higher. With smaller teams, this activity is mostly neglected and customer invoicing / recovery is delayed leading to blockage of capital

AVASEC – Solution Offers

Master Data

Master details of all your clients such as entities, directors, committees, KMPs & auditors are comprehensively captured (via e-Form Upload) to avoid duplication of efforts during record preparation and are used for compliance applicability checks

Templatized Repository

Comprehensive repository of templates for Notices, Agenda, Resolutions, Minutes and SEBI notifications. This facilitates generations of “Pre-filled” notices, agendas, resolution, minutes, etc. These features will save significant time in creating these documents manually

These Templates are available for Private, Limited and Listed Companies

Compliance auto-population

All compliances related to MCA & SEBI are automatically populated based on the selected Agendas


Comprehensive Procedure (Step-by-Step activity) for Agenda specific to each Company Type available within the Product

E-Form Generation

Generates the relevant e-Form automatically based on the agendas selected in the Meeting

Statutory Registers

Generates the relevant Statutory registers automatically based on the relevant inputs

Auto Generation of Records & Compliance Documents

Comprehensive listing of Procedural requirements / Activity listing (including Good practices) available within the Platform

Smart Dashboard

Rich and colour coded presentation of the real-time status of the actionable items for yourself and the team in a graphical form with drill down capability

Secretarial Rules

Secretarial Rules adhered with Secretarial Standards (quorum, voting, meeting requirements, etc.) built into the Platform to facilitate "auto compliance applicability assessment"

Customizable Reports

Multiple types of compliance reports can be generated and exported from the system as per your and the clients’ needs, along with the standard reports


Flexible options to configure user access rights ensuring the data is accessed on a need-to-know basis for maximum security

Legal Updates

All regulatory changes / legal updates available to Users on a real time basis on Emails, Web Platform and Mobile App

Practice Management

Platform is integrated to a comprehensive Practice Management utility which facilitates tracking and generation of customer invoicing, management of employee expenses and their timesheets

Task Management Module

Create, assign, and track customized tasks (official work/logistics, etc.) apart from the compliance activity for better team management and automation of your secretarial practice

Highly Secured

The data is “Encrypted” with the best Technologies in the world and is accessible only to the “Authorized Users”

Access and Availability

The Platform is available on Cloud and accessible 365 Days and 24X7. Additionally, the data is backed up every minute and hence you can stay assured of “No Data Loss”. This also reduces your infrastructure cost (on Servers)

Benefits of AVASEC

AVASEC supports PCS in servicing enables in catering to more clients with greater client satisfaction with limited team & resources, less effort and time, and reduced cost of operations.

  • Automates secretarial practice with digital transformation
  • Facilitates “Self Onboarding” of customer data on the Platform
  • Automation increases Team’s efficiency, reduces cost and increase Practice margins
  • Provides a real time status of Customer’s compliances
  • Centralized repository of all customer documents
  • One-click document generation for minutes, resolutions, e-forms, registers, etc
  • Facilitates standardization of Records and Documentation due to Templatized Repository
  • Access to Authorized Users and round-the-clock access
  • Digitization of customer invoice tracking and generation
  • Effective management of employee timesheets and expenses
  • Online support from experienced Company Secretaries
  • time legal updates