DGCA revised Rating Training Manual for Personnel of Air Traffic Services

Aug 17, 2022 | by TeamLease RegTech Legal Research Team

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Industry Specific ComplianceThe Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on August 16, 2022, issued a draft notification to revise the Rating Training Manual for Personnel of Air Traffic Services under the provisions of Rule 98, 112, 133A, and Schedule III of the Aircraft Rules 1937.

The following provisions have been revised:

•ATS surveillance service: A term used to indicate a service provided directly by means of an ATS surveillance system.  

•ATS surveillance system: A generic term meaning variously, ADS-B, PSR, SSR or any comparable ground-based system that enables the identification of aircraft.   

•Monitoring: A cognitive process to compare an actual to an expected state.

Note– Monitoring is embedded in the competencies for a given role within an aviation discipline, which serve as countermeasures in the threat and error management model. It requires knowledge, skills and attitudes to create a mental model and to take appropriate action when deviations are recognized.   

•Rated air traffic controller: An air traffic controller holding a licence and valid ratings appropriate to the privileges to be exercised.  Rating: An authorization entered on or associated with a licence and forming part thereof, stating special conditions, privileges or limitations pertaining to such licence.

•In rule 5 Conduct of Refresher Training   

5.1 Annual refresher training is a requirement for maintaining competency of the rating(s) held by a rated air traffic controller. Stations are required to have annual refresher training to maintain the competency of rated air traffic controller. RTM shall contain the procedures and training syllabus to impart refresher training to the rated controllers. It shall be ensured that the interval between two consecutive annual refresher training for each rated Air Traffic Controller at the station, is not more than twelve months.  

5.2 The annual refresher training syllabus shall also include unusual occurrences, emergency situations, significant change in airspace/equipment, outcome of safety management system and degradation of performance of ATS system.

[Notification No.DGCA-21048/13/2018-ANS]


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