DGCA revised Approval, Renewal and Oversight of Training Organization for personnel of Air Traffic Services

Aug 17, 2022 | by TeamLease RegTech Legal Research Team

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Industry Specific ComplianceThe Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on August 16, 2022, issued a draft notification to revise Approval, Renewal, and Oversight of Training Organization for personnel of Air Traffic Services under provisions of Rule 114 and Rule 133A of the Aircraft Rules 1937.

The following provisions have been revised:

•Adapted competency model: A group of competencies with their associated description and performance criteria adapted from an ICAO competency framework that an organization uses to develop competency-based training and assessment for a given role. 

•Approved training: Approved training means training the curriculum which has been approved by the Director General. Approved training organization: Approved training organization means an organization approved by the Director General and operating in accordance with the provisions of these rules to perform approved training. 

•Competency: A dimension of human performance that is used to reliably predict successful performance on the job. A competency is manifested and observed through behaviors that mobilize the relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes to carry out activities or tasks under specified conditions.

•Competency-based training and assessment: Training and assessment that are characterized by a performance orientation, emphasis on standards of performance and their measurement, and the development of training to the specified performance standards. Competency standard: A level of performance that is defined as acceptable when assessing whether or not competency has been achieved. 

•ICAO competency framework: A competency framework, developed by ICAO, is a selected group of competencies for a given aviation discipline. Each competency has an associated description and observable behaviors. 

•Monitoring: A cognitive process to compare an actual to an expected state. 

•Note– Monitoring is embedded in the competencies for a given role within an aviation discipline, which serve as countermeasures in the threat and error management model. It requires knowledge, skills, and attitudes to create a mental model and to take appropriate action when deviations are recognized. 

•Observable behavior (OB): A single role-related behavior that can be observed and may or may not be measurable. Performance criteria: Statements used to assess whether the required levels of performance have been achieved for a competency. A performance criterion consists of observable behavior, condition(s), and a competency standard.

•In rule 10.3 ATSTO shall maintain records of functions performed by instructor/ examiner for a minimum period of five years.

[Notification No. DGCA-21048/13/2018-A]









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