Govt. of Karnataka revises the minimum wage for the workers

Sep 03, 2022 | by TeamLease RegTech Legal Research Team

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Labour ComplianceThe Government of Karnataka on July 28, 2022, issued a notification to revise the minimum wages for the workers working in Security Agencies (including all establishments and establishments employing office staff and security personnel through the agency) and all the earlier notifications have been quashed.

In the Minimum wage table SL NO, Working Classes and Minimum Wage Rates are mentioned. 

The following conditions to be enforced by the employer are as stated:

• Varying Dearness Allowance.

• Payment of equal rates of wages to all in cases where women, men and transgenders have performed the same kind of work to be done.

• For the workers of the same nature for the categories of workers whose class is not mentioned in the notification.

• The 8-hour working wage of workers working on a piecemeal basis should not be less than one day's wages of workers doing the same kind of work. A day's work shall mean 8 hours of work, and if workers are employed for less than 8 hours, the wages will be calculated on the basis of the day or monthly wages of that class according to such a short period of time.

• Workers working on weekly offs or festival holidays fixed in the establishment shall be paid twice the normal wage, subject to the Minimum Wages Act and rules. 

• If a worker has worked for more than the stipulated period of the day, he shall be paid twice his salary for such additional period of work. 

• 75 per cent of the salary received by the employees of that class shall be paid as scholarship to the trainees. 

• Payment of salaries of employees by cheque or employees' bank Should be credited directly to the account.

• A day's work shall mean eight (8) hours of work. If workers are employed for less than 4 hours of work, the minimum wages will be paid in accordance with such a short period of time. Calculation on hourly basis as per Rule 27(4) of Rules, 1958.

Disclaimer – Kindly find the table in the provided Link/Document. 

[Notification No. KAE 18 LWA 2022]


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